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Director’s Message

Prestigious Brands

Official Brand Partner

SunPower Corporation is an American energy company that designs and manufactures crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, roof tiles and solar panels based on a all-back-contact technology. Rated the world’s best, ready to bring its state of the art technology to Pakistan by joining hands with Exicom Solutions.

Other Solutions Available

We have acquired and transacted with a long list of renowned brands from all over the world to bring state-of-the-art Solar Tech to Pakistan. If you wish to know about all the prestigious brands we collaborate with, please Contact Us or send in a Query to check the list of our suppliers.
Inverters: ABB, SMA, Schneider, EAST.
PV - Photo-Voltaics: CanadianSolar, Helios, Yingli.
Batteries:SacredSun, BAE, NARADA.
Solar Pumps: Lorentz, IMPO.



At Exicom Solutions, we try best to deliver Solutions for everyone at reasonable and highly competitive prices.
We understand going green can prove a hefty job, in case of any client(s) needing Solutions on finance; you are welcome to contact the head office.

Exicom Solutions, 205 Uni Center Abdullah Haroon Road,
Saddar karachi


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